Urology is a medical and surgical speciality which treats medical conditions affecting urinary tract such as infections, management and treatment of prostate conditions like the Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). Urology also looks into surgical procedures for bladder dysfunctions, prostate cancer and removal of kidney stones, congenital abnormalities, traumatic injury, and stress incontinence.

We offer comprehensive treatment for urological and conditions in both adults and children. The institute specialises in providing services in the areas of urology. We are committed to offer highest clinical governance standards and patient centric care by incorporating latest advancements in our field.

Sub- specialities


TURP is the only treatment option when BPH is not controlled on medication. This is considered the most effective treatment for BPH. This procedure is carried out with spinal or general anaesthesia with successful outcome in almost 80-90% of BPH patients.


1. Dr. Samir Swain

2. Dr. Pramod Ku Mohanty

3. Dr. Sanjay Choudhury

4. Dr. Sukant Padhi

5. Dr. Tulasi Mahapatra

6. Dr. Sabyasachi Panda

7. Dr. Sidharth Sankar Das