The Department of Paediatrics comprises of well qualified and experienced team of doctors. We offer out-patient, in-patient and intensive care services. We have trained intensivists and nurses to ensure a good outcome. Focus is on preventive, promotive and curative care. Our care continues beyond delivering the bundle of joy.


1. Dr. Bhaskar ch. Nayak

2. Dr. Bhagabat Swain

3. Dr. Jatadhari Mahar

4. Dr. Mangal Murmu

5. Dr. Pravat Mallick

6. Dr. Rajesh Mohanty

7. Dr. Sanghamitra Panda

8. Dr. Sidharth Kunar

Paediatric Surgeons

1. Dr. Manas R. Das

2.Dr. Pramod Mohanty

3.Dr. Udayvanu Rout