The department of Neurosurgery is concerned with prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of disorders that affect the Brain, Spine and Peripheral Nerves. Its range of services includes Brain surgeries which vary from intracranial tumours, skull base surgery, hydrocephalus surgery. Amongst the spine surgeries; cervical and lumbar disc surgeries, degenerative spine surgeries, surgeries for spine tumours, spinal injuries and fractures and image guided and key hole surgeries are being performed.

Sub- specialities

The hospital offers various spine surgeries and procedures such as discectomy, laminectomy, and lumbar puncture. Our multidisciplinary team including neurosurgeons, pain specialists, anaesthetists help to restore and preserve the spine functions by managing disorders of both non-operative and operative treatment modalities. We perform full range of spinal surgeries using latest surgical techniques like minimally invasive procedures to major spine surgery procedures like complex spinal reconstructions.


1. Prof. Dr. Sanatan Rath

2. Dr. Sitansu Kumar Rout

3.Dr. Suresh Ch Mohanty

4. Dr. Benudhar Lenka