The General and Laparoscopic Surgery Department is equipped with the latest technology and infrastructure, supported by an experienced team of surgeons. It is a medical discipline demands the general surgeons to be familiar with treating several diseases that may require surgical treatment. It focuses primarily on dealing with abdominal contents like stomach, colon, gall bladder, oesophagus, liver, bile ducts, and pancreas. General surgery can also treat diseases that involve breast, skin, hernias, trauma and vascular surgery. Laparoscopic surgery is also known as key-hole surgery or minimally invasive surgery. It is widely used in gynaecology, gastroenterology and urology. Patients receive specialised assessment, latest treatments along with clinical post-operative care, medications and a regular follow-up. The advantages of this technique over traditional open surgery include a shorter hospital stay and faster recovery time; less pain and bleeding after the operation; and reduced scarring.


1.Dr. Sunil Ku. Pattnaik

2.Dr. Banabihari Mishra

3.Dr. Nirod Sahoo

4.Dr. Biranchi Narayan Mallick

5.Dr. Sakti Prasad Sahoo

6.Dr. Umesh Roy